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Staci Layne Wilson’s Horror Short ‘Psycho Therapy’ Is A Thrill

By on October 24, 2017
You don’t think I’m crazy do you?” “Why do men cheat?”
Two aching questions that every woman has undoubtedly faced in their lifetime. And, two questions we don’t really want to hear the answer to.

Philly Chick Pictures and Staci Layne Wilson bring audiences a new short horror dubbed “Psycho Therapy” that is a tale of a wounded soul Tonia (Brooke Lewis) who confronts her therapist Dr. Walsh (Ricky Dean Logan) on one fateful afternoon.

IMDB Synopsis: When emotionally exhausted Tonia visits her esteemed psychiatrist, Dr. Walsh, to discuss her husband’s infidelity, the therapy session takes an unexpected turn. Tonia does not respond well to her doctor’s advice and he finds himself locked in a game of psychological hide-n-seek with a painfully disturbed patient. 

To understand why a woman would be in such distress while visiting her therapist is the core of this short horror. In under ten minutes, Wilson manages to bring forth a multitude of emotions that include love, betrayal, fear, trust, and eventually, peroration. Lewis’s performance hands down is the vice that follows the story through, with each sentence hinting at something wicked this way comes. Logan’s calm demeanor throughout the short is handled remarkably well with a twist ending that some may see coming, but satisfactory nevertheless.

The popular short has gone on to win many awards, including Honolulu Film Awards, Los Angeles Movie Awards, and Spotlight Horror Film Awards. Recently, Wilson and Lewis attended the prestigious Shriekfest event in Los Angeles where they enjoyed watching their work of art on the bring screen.

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Writer and Director | Staci Layne Wilson